Peinture de Maroh réalisée dans le salon de Dimi a.k.a « King du coupé décalé » en octobre 2014.
Mediums utilisés : Bombe aérosol (94/ Days colors), Poskas, Vernis en spray.
D’aurtres vidéos sur la chaine youtube « MAROHtv ».

Une pensée sur « COUPE DECALE STREET »

  1. helllllllllouuuuuuu!!i came to your website through “gleeful things” and i just LOVE your hats, really!! i instantly added your blog to my favourites!!i picked up crocheting recently, because i was fed up with asking people to make hats for me – so i thought why not give crochet a go !!however, the &#j202;8enny-lee” is one of the most fab hats i’ve ever seen, you picked very cool colours too!!right, that’s about it!just wanted to say how much i enjoy reading your blog and watching your pics! a big hello from the other end of the world (europe)!!jasmin

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